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Bad Credit Car Loans

Has your credit seen better days? Don’t worry, 1 out of 4 Tarheel residents are in the same boat. That’s right, more than 25% of North Carolina consumers have credit scores of less than 620. The economy of the Carolinas was hit hard by the economic recession, and a lot of people’s credit scores suffered as they struggled to pay bills and make payments on time.

Fortunately, we can help. Our service is uniquely suited to the needs of people who need auto loans with bad credit in North Carolina. When you submit your application, our system works to place you with a lender who is ready and willing to fund your car loan. If you were to go to each lender in your area individually, you could spend days, if not weeks trying to get approved. Our system does this for you in a matter of minutes, not days. That means you could be getting behind the wheel of your new car before the end of the day, despite a subprime credit score.