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When you’re looking for a new or used car, our network of Greensboro, NC auto lenders and car dealerships help you get the auto loan you need. Simply apply online, and we’ll automatically find you a car loan in Greensboro, NC, that suits your price range.

Greensboro NC Auto Loans

Bad credit has become an epidemic throughout the state of North Carolina, and bad credit scores make it more challenging to get approved. About 82,391 of Greensboro’s residents need bad credit auto loans.

NC Auto Loans is distinctly beneficial for anybody who is need of a no credit or bad credit auto loan in Greensboro, NC. That’s because we take the work out of the equation.

You don’t have to resort to a buy here pay here dealership in Greensboro when we can help you get considerably better terms.

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Auto Loan Budget

Auto Loans Greensboro NC

We need to take a look at your finances.

Greensboro consumers earn up to $13,745 every year, which is $1,145 each month. Make sure you set aside no more than 10% of this amount for your car loan in Greensboro, NC. That means Greensboro used car loan payments should be roughly $115.

It’s best to pay down your loan within 4 years, if you can.

In House Financing Dealers in Greensboro (NC)

A large percentage of car dealers do not approve auto loans themselves, but in house financing dealers in Greensboro do things differently. These dealerships approve applicants in house. This type of lending has one particular significant benefit: these dealerships work with shoppers who’ve got really bad credit scores. However, the disadvantages are worth considering.

We will get you the NC car loan you need with:

  • More Competitive APR
  • Much Less Money Down
  • Monthly (Not Weekly) Payments

Dealers and Auto Finance Companies in Greensboro (NC)

  • A & B Auto Sales, 3009 South Elm Eugene Street 27406
  • Autonation USA, 1205 Bridford Parkway 27407
  • Bavarian Sport, 723 South Elm Street 27406
  • Bill Black Cadillac Oldsmobile Volkswagen Suzuki, 601 East Bessemer Avenue 27405
  • Bill Black Chevrolet Cadillac Inc, 601 East Bessemer Avenue 27405
  • Bob Dunn Ford Inc, 801 East Bessemer Avenue 27405
  • Bob Dunn Subaru-Hyundai, 1007 Summit Avenue 27405
  • Chrysler Plymouth, 3607 West Wendover Avenue 27407
  • City Motors Mazda-Jeep, 1601 Westover Terrace 27408
  • Crown Automotive Group, 3908 West Wendover Avenue 27407
  • Curtiss Philip LLC, 1043 East Lindsay Street 27405
  • Dunn Bob Hyundai Subaru, 801 East Bessemer Avenue 27405
  • Flow Motors of Greensboro, 3912 West Wendover Avenue 27407
  • Gate City Lincoln Mercury, 300 Church Court 27401
  • Green Ford Inc, 3800 W Wendover Ave 27407
  • Herbies Auto Sales, 1310 West Wendover Avenue 27408
  • Hunt Harold Auto Sales Inc, 707 Norwalk Street 27407
  • Mike’s Auto Sales, 3214 North Ohenry Boulevard 27405
  • Morgan’s Auto Sales, 3811 South Holden Road 27406
  • American General Auto Finance – Auto Loans-1 HR Approval Time, 2300 West Meadowview Road 27407
  • United Auto Credit Corporation, 3 Centerview Drive 27407
  • Crown Automotive, 3633 West Wendover Avenue 27407
  • Automotive Finance Corporation, 3714 Alliance Drive 27407

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