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Auto Loans in Shelby (NC)

Trying to find an auto loan? Shelby, NC loan companies are waiting to approve your application. First of all, you’ll want to apply online. It will take three minutes of your time, and we enjoy some of the top rates of approval in all of North Carolina.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Shelby, NC

Bad Credit Auto Loans Shelby NC
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Having a good credit record is handy, but it is hard to find a car shopper whose credit report is devoid of imperfections.

However, having a bad credit score is not a problem when you apply for an auto loan with us.

You don’t have to resort to a no credit check car dealer in Shelby when we can help you get far more favorable terms.

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How Much Can You Afford?

Auto Loans Shelby NC

Have you determined your budget yet?

In general, your auto loan should cost no more than 10% of your monthly income. Shelby’s car buyers earn salaries of approximately $22,927 per annum. Here is a quick review of an average consumer’s Shelby auto financing budget:

Annual Earnings: $22,927
Monthly Wages: $1,911
Payment: $191
Auto Amount: $8,026

What about down payments? If you can offer a down payment, do so. There are no money down car and truck loans in Shelby, NC, but putting money down will reduce negative equity. Many auto dealers are looking for down payments of about 10 to 20%. For a car that costs $8,026, this is $803 to $1,605.

In House Financing Car Dealers Shelby, NC

In House Financing Car Loan Shelby NC
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Almost all dealers do not approve auto loans themselves, but in house financing car lots in Shelby do things differently. These types of car lots provide financing on their own. The plus side to this sort of finance is that they work with individuals with bad credit, but the disadvantages are worth considering. Our dealerships will find you the North Carolina auto loan you need with far better rates and terms.

Dealerships and Auto Loan Creditors in Shelby (NC)

  • Auto FX AFX Motorsports, 2161 West Dixon Boulevard 28152
  • Blanton Cars, 325 West Dixon Boulevard 28152
  • Carter Chevrolet, 200 West Dixon Boulevard 28152
  • Five Star Auto Sales, 1002 Polkville Road 28150
  • Gregory Auto Sales, 1407 South Post Road 28152
  • Keeter Ford Lincoln Mercury, 1775 E Dixon Blvd 28152
  • Monte Carlo Minis Limited, 1821 South Post Road 28152
  • Morrow Auto Sales & Salvage, 2328 South Lafayette Street 28152