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Auto Loans in Asheboro (NC)

In need of a car loan? Our lending companies are available to review your application. When you submit your application, we find you an auto loan based on your income, credit ratings, and various other criteria.

Buying a Car with Bad Credit: Asheboro, NC

Struggling to find a low credit score auto loan in Asheboro, NC? Fear not. According to recent approximations, 14,900 of Asheboro’s 49,668 inhabitants have non-ideal credit.

Applicants in search of a car with bad credit aren’t typically approved by banks. Car dealers, as well as various auto loan providers, on the other hand, are more inclined to get you the car you want.

Asheboro buy here pay here dealerships are certainly not the best solution. We can help you get much more affordable rates.

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Have you thought about your budget yet?

Car loans can make cars feel less expensive, simply because they cut up the price over a period of 3 to 6 years. Unfortunately, this could lead you to go over your budget. Around 10% of a person’s monthly income should be going to their finance package.

Asheboro’s applicants get paid around $12,261 every year. Here is a quick overview of the average consumer’s Asheboro auto financing budget:

Income Per Year

Earnings Per Month


Vehicle Cost

  • $12,261

  • $1,022

  • $102

  • $4,292

Unless you plan to be under water, settle your Asheboro NC auto loan within no more than 60 months, whenever possible.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers: Asheboro (NC)

In House Financing in Asheboro NC
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More and more consumers are looking towards in house financing auto lots in Asheboro, generally known as buy here pay here financing. The major benefit to this sort of finance is that these dealers accommodate individuals with low credit ratings. However, the downsides are appreciable. Allow us to get you a car loan in Asheboro, NC without going under water

Dealerships and Auto Finance Companies in Asheboro (NC)

  • Asheboro Ford Lincoln-Mercury, 1602 East Dixie Drive 27203
  • Asheboro Honda, 1400 East Dixie Drive 27203
  • Asheboro Mitsubishi, 503 North Fayetteville Street 27203
  • Asheboro Nissan Inc, 503 North Fayetteville Street 27203
  • Classic Automotive, 1629 Zoo Parkway 27205
  • Crewschoolcom, 5082 Old Nc Highway 49 27205
  • Dan Thomas Pontiac-Isuzu Inc, 930 South Fayetteville Street 27203
  • Mid-State Toyota, 1636 East Dixie Drive Highway 64E 27203
  • Second Chance Finance Auto Sales, 1020 South Fayetteville Street 27203