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Hickory NC Auto Loans

Bad Credit Auto Loans: Hickory (NC)

Bad credit is prevalent throughout the state of North Carolina. As you know, Hickory is no different.

But when you apply online with us, your history of credit is only that: history.

And if you make your payments on a regular basis, a bad credit car loan in Hickory is a highly effective way to improve your credit.

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Auto Loan Hickory NC

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of dealers and creditors try and prevent clients from blowing too much money when getting a car financed in Hickory. That is because it increases your potential for defaulting. Not surprisingly, that’s detrimental to both the lender and the borrower. Hickory car shoppers get paid around $26,253 each year. This really is $2,188 each month. You should commit roughly 10% of your monthly income for your car loan. That means Hickory car loan payments should be in the region of $219.

What about down payments? If you can put money down, do so. There are zero down car and truck loans in Hickory, NC, but down payments prevent negative equity. A lot of dealerships are looking for down payments in the range of 10 to 20%. For a vehicle that costs $9,190, this is $919 to $1,838.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Hickory (NC)

The large majority of auto dealerships do not approve auto loans themselves. Not in house financing car lots. These dealerships offer auto loans on site. This kind of financing has one important advantage: these dealerships accommodate borrowers who have terrible credit, but the downsides are significant.

Our dealerships and lenders can get you a car loan in Hickory, NC with better terms and conditions.

Hickory Auto Lenders and Dealerships

  • Suzuki Of Hickory, 701 US Highway 70 SE 28602
  • Armstrong Ford Inc, Highway 70 At Elano East 28601
  • Armstrong Ford Inc – New & Used Cars, Highway 70 Southeast 28601
  • Best Way Auto Sales, 2775 US Highway 70 Southwest 28602
  • C & A Auto Sales, 3431 Springs Road Northeast 28601
  • Everett Chevrolet Inc, 161 US Highway 70 Southeast 28602
  • Hendrick Motors, 1171 Lenoir Rhyne Boulevard Southeast 28602
  • Hickory Automall Chrysler, 356 US Highway 70 Southwest 28602
  • Hillside Motors Inc, 1240 US Highway 70 Southeast 28602
  • Honda Cars of Hickory, 840 US Highway 70 Southeast 28602
  • Hydroforce Truck Sales, 9717 Cathrines Lane 28601
  • Karts Unlimited, 1167 1st Avenue Southwest 28602
  • Lakewood Auto Sales, 941 Highland Avenue Northeast 28601
  • Latinos Auto Sales, 1620 US Highway 70 Southwest 28602
  • MICH Foreign Car Sales & Service, 2801 US Highway 70 Southwest 28602
  • Mike Everett Mitsubishi, Highway 70 Southeast 28601
  • Mike Johnson’s Hickory Toyota, 435 Highway 70 Southeast 28602
  • Nissan of Hickory, 1555 US Highway 321 Northwest 28601
  • AAA Guaranteed Auto Sales & Loans, 1210 1st Avenue Southwest 28602
  • Hillside Motors Inc, 1240 US Highway 70 Southeast 28602
  • Colbert’s Auto Outlet, 2107 12th Avenue Northeast 28601
  • C & A Auto Sales, 3431 Springs Road Northeast 28601
  • Randy Marion Sav-A-Lot Hickory, 800 US Highway 70 Southwest 28602