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Buying a Car with Bad Credit in Roanoke Rapids (NC)

In need of a bad credit car loan in Roanoke Rapids, NC? You aren’t alone. By our assessments, 8,293 of Roanoke Rapids’s 27,643 inhabitants have got a low credit score.

Our lenders and dealerships care about your income versus your past credit. If the payments are within your budget, we’ll usually manage to find you an auto loan with bad credit in Roanoke Rapids, NC, despite your credit rating.

Provided that you repay your borrowed funds on a regular basis, a bad credit auto loan is an effective way for you to build up your credit.

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Don’t overspend on your Roanoke Rapids NC auto loan, bad credit notwithstanding. You mustn’t spend more than 10% of your income for a car loan. Roanoke Rapids, NC applicants make roughly $28,784 annually. Here is a quick analysis of the average Roanoke Rapids consumer’s auto financing budget:

Income Per Year

Income Each Month


Auto Amount

  • $28,784

  • $2,399

  • $240

  • $10,076

No down payment cars are great, but down payments are always a good idea. Down payments are generally 10 to 20%. For a vehicle that costs $10,076, this is $1,008 to $2,015.

Auto Loans Without Credit Check: Roanoke Rapids, NC

No Credit Check Car Loan Roanoke Rapids NC
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You’ll want to be cautious of any car lot that gives no credit check car loans in Roanoke Rapids.

Allow us to get you approved for the cheap car you really need minus the negative aspects associated with in house financing.

When you use our service, you can strengthen your fico scores. That’s because our dealerships update the credit reporting agencies.

Roanoke Rapids Auto Lenders and Dealerships

  • A-Xpress Rent-A-Car, 1228 Roanoke Avenue 27870
  • Alan Vester Honda, 175 Old Farm Road 27870
  • Alan Vester Nissan Inc, 320 Becker Drive 27870
  • Bone’s Toyota Inc., 1615 E 10th St 27870
  • Feeser Chrysler Inc, 1581 E 10th Street 27870
  • Feeser R R Inc, 1581 East 10th Street 27870